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Thank you I will I just find it REALLY hard to tell him anything when it comes to stuff like this. Yes he's my boyfriend and I only said options when we were fighting. I really do deel like there's more there

Simple. if he’s showing more attention to someone else, speak to him. That’s really all you can do. The castration and other forms of retribution can be saved until later. :)

Do you think it means anything if a guy is liking more than one female 'friends' picture? He likes her pictures but when I brought up how he as other options he says she's too tomboy for him. Do you think a guy can have feelings for someone and not know or know and stay in a relationship? I don't know what to do anymore

Is this guy your boyfriend? Who are the friends? What are these other options? Why does he have options? Is he in a relationship then?

Everyone is allowed to like/dislike whoever they want, there are no rules about that.

It doesn’t have to mean anything if he likes a girls photos, it could be a simple mark of respect or support.

Guys AND girls often don’t realise that they have feelings for people close to them. Especially when those people are close.

If this guy is your boyfriend then you should talk to him about how you feel. If you don’t like him “liking” photos of other girls then tell him.

If he’s not your boyfriend, then what’s this got to do with you? Why would you concern yourself with who he likes?

If this guy is going out with someone else and you like him and want to steal him away, then think about what you’re doing. Wrecking relationships to get what you want can be dangerous at best.

I’m sorry but your question was too vague to give you better, clearer advice. But I hope I answered some of it here.

Some people who follow me disgust me!

Guys, grow the fuck up and stop being so damn disrespectful!


My new bralette is too cute

YOU are too cute…


A girl with eyes like that could make me melt.


A girl with eyes like that could make me melt.

How old are you??

36 years young

What would your ideal woman be like personality wise cos you dont care about looks and stuff

Sweet, cute, kind, caring. Intelligence is a must and vanity is something I don’t care about. Don’t get me wrong I like a woman to take care of herself, I don’t have a problem with wanting the latest fashions etc, but going over the top with it or spending all day in the mirror is not for me lol

You have to love films, travelling, and be able to put up with me (which is important).

That’s about it I think.,

Best porn videos blog?

Don’t know one sorry.

What was the last sexy dream you had

Hmmm, that would have to be last Wednesday I think, maybe Tuesday.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a girl I knew from Spain, mainly because The Legend of Korra reminds me of her, but it’s a nice memory to look back on.

We used to play in the same pool team for a number of years. Many times we would go out after the game on a Friday, about 12-1am. She would often have her scooter with her, so she would give me a ride on it.

The first night it all started, when I got on behind her and put my hands on her waist she pulled them fully around her, but just before we pulled off she lifted one of my hands and put it on her breast. We’d both had a couple of drinks so I wasn’t about to stop her. Anyway, we rode off with my hand still holding (and squeezing a little) her boob. At some point my other hand had dropped to her upper thigh. She pulled into a side street and stopped she told me that she couldn’t carry on driving if I kept doing that, so I told her to stop for a while then, at which point I kissed her neck. Something I knew she went crazy for. Long story-short, my hand soon slipped between her legs and massaged her through her jeans while I kissed her neck and pinched her nipple (she often went without a bra which helped) At which point I made her cum.

That was one of the best moments, and seeing as she is probably the third woman i’ve ever loved it means a lot to me.

Did you just write that post after "liking" my boob photo?

I actually just saw about five boob photos that made me write that post :)