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Daddy can you please fuck the shit out of me for 6 hours straight till I get numb? I want you to fuck me, you're all I think about!! *gives puppy eyes, drops down to knees and starts to suck your dick* ;)

I’m flattered that I’m all you think about, but I think I should cut you off, it’s not healthy, find a hobby.

(plus i’m not your Daddy)

fuck i am so horny

I’m glad :)

I want to climb inside you for hours and make your body tremble with every touch…

I want to climb inside you for hours and make your body tremble with every touch…

I wish you could see how attractive you really are seriously some women could only wish to be as lucky to have someone like you :( its rly kind of saddening that u cant see that

I just know that i’m not as great as people on Tumblr see me. That’s all :)

ok I don't know if you have a lot of messages like this but I just wanted to say that I respect you so much just as a person because you always state your real opinion no matter what its about and you don't throw yourself at every horny asker (like most guys would) if you feel something they said was wrong. Also how you don't judge women by most mens standards- I can only wish to be as lucky to have a man like you in my life

Well aren’t you a cutiepie? :)

Thank you so much, it’s always lovely to know that the qualities I see in myself (the only ones I admit to lol) are seen by others. I just try my best to be honest :)

Reading what you wrote makes me beg you to fuck me roughly

Thank you, I always love to hear that my writings have fans :)

Hello sir. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 4 months now and I have always wanted to call him daddy but I'm not sure if he's into it. There's lots of things that I have found myself wanting to do such as spanking, choking, and bondage. But I don't know how to bring these things up. Any advice?

Talk to him?

There is no more advice to give because I can’t speak for him.

Personally if you’re the same age calling him Daddy is just wrong (but that’s my personal preference on what a Daddy is and the proper use of the word)

As for all the other things I can’t tell you anything better than just to confide in him what you want to do and see how he feels. He might love or hate the idea, you won’t know until you speak to him.

Good luck angel, hope it works.

also please post another picture of yourself trust me you are very very very attractive <3

Thank you, but I’m not, I see enough “very very very attractive” guys posted on here to know my limits. And I don’t have one.

advice? spend like hours upon hours just on your blog because it is amazing and I wish to find a guy like you because in all the other relationships I'v been in the sex was just boring Im kind of worried Ill never find a guy to really please me

Keep looking?

Not really sure what other advice I can give you, sorry.

I want to devour you, I wan to roll my lips over the soft folds of your pussy and watch you squirm. I want to fuck you long and hard with my tongue, wrapping my lips around your clit and drinking you deeply. I want you to cum for me, I want you to cum on my eager tongue.