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I've had sex a bunch of times with different guys and once with a girl but I've never once had an orgasm. I masturbate a couple times a week butI feel like something's wrong with me and I don't know how to fix n I was hoping you'd be able to give some advice..? or anything to help really

Only about 20-25% of women can achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse, it has no bearing on how many or who you’ve had sex with, so first thing you need to realise is that what you’re going through is not uncommon so you can stop worrying about it. Relaxing about that point will help for a start.

There is a small percentage of women who can’t orgasm, or when they do it doesn’t feel like anything. How you’d know this, I don’t know, and how to cure it, if that’s possible, is again unknown to me.

Masturbating is all well and good, however it depends if you masturbate correctly. If you use toys. If it’s purely clitoral play you indulge in or vaginal stimulation too.

The truth is I’m not a woman. And the varied array of ways you can masturbate escape me. Sure i’ve played with toys with my lovers but it’s a totally different thing when done by yourself. You would be better off consulting a trained counsellor (you can find them online) or speak to one of the lovely ladies on Tumblr who might be able to help you with this.

While this is cute, you are cuter.

Alas, I wish I could be as cute as my self-portrait (more like self-savedfromagooglesearchforfatstickman)

we need some photos of you!

There ya go!

Ok, where do you work and what's her name? I'll phone up and find her and ask her out for you :D

HAHAHA! no, not telling! Don’t want to scare her off just yet! lol

I wish some guy got that excited from just talk to me :(

I’m sure there is someone, the fact is guys like us never tell the girls that we get excited, that’s the frustration in it all!


So had to work today to train for new things and I managed to get talking to this girl who works in the spa, just me and her for like 20 minutes, it was AWESOME, because she’s super beautiful and lovely and funny and gorgeous and does her eye make-up with that funky swishy tail thing….gorgeous!

And I didn’t trip over my tongue more than 3 times the whole conversation!

"Simple things please simple minds!" and mine is pretty damn pleased right now! ;)


Who would you date from Tumblr and are any close to you?

I won’t say who, but let me just think for a moment.

3 live in England (1 of whom doesn’t have a tumblr any more but I don’t care)

2 live in Netherlands.

5 live in the USA.

4 in Australia.

That is based purely on the blogs I follow. There is 1 other lady from the UK and one from Sweden who I would also be proud to date, but I don’t follow them. However, being footloose and fancy free I can say that there are just so many gorgeous ladies who I would be proud to date that it might be difficult to say! :) (yes I’m a Tumblrslut!)

Do you think you could do some more of those awesome stories that you do. Ya know. ;)

You mean text post wise?


I’m off to Taunton today (:

Yeah, getting to see beautiful women like this each day is a real blessing! Stunning!


Iā€™m off to Taunton today (:

Yeah, getting to see beautiful women like this each day is a real blessing! Stunning!

What if they want u in there life but with no sex?

I won’t lie that I would like to have a relationship that has some sex involved.

However, if the connection is strong enough, nothing would keep us apart.