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I know I haven’t been around much but I have bought new bras

So much pretty for a Saturday morning!

I may not see laundry girl again, but now I can go and see post office girl! :D

Reblog if you’re a cuddler.
And you smiled again! :D I am laughing here like a silly girl. If I was there I would so kiss you right now, a deeeeeeep hard this is just for you but I leave it to you if you want to post or reply to this :-) Have a great night. Muah!

Have a lovely night too x

And you have this thing, which I find so sexy in a guy(read gentleman) ... its when a girl talk and talk and talk and he is attentive but he just smiles a little in reply. I can almost bet you will just smile again reading this! :-) It reminds me of your selfie of you waving hand with a slight smile on your face.

Thank you angel :)

You are very welcome. And YAY!!! he remembers me. *doing my happy dance* All smiles here for real. :-) :-) :-)


I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it like that....

I know you didn’t mean any offence angel, really it’s ok :)

Happy Birthday :-)

Sorry I am late in wishing this. Happy birthday Matt. Hugs!!!!!

Wish you all the happiness you deserve.  I haven’t read 50 shades yet but I think I won’t like it either.  I am not into harsh BDSM but one thing I love about it is aftercare.You are a nice guy, I can tell you are nothing like mr.grey from what I learned from your last reply an trailer and other talks i know about 50 shades of grey. Your answer is spot on. You are so nice that I want to thank God for making someone like you :) Muaaah. btw, I hope youremember me! :P

Thank you very much. It’s ok I didn’t publicise my birthday so no worries :)

Of course I remember you :)

But don't you think that Grey is somewhat nice-ish to Ana? Like, yeah he does weird shit to her, but in a way, he takes care of her-ish. (This isn't about the anon insulting you anymore. Just an opinion now and wanting to know what you think)

I don’t believe any woman should settle for a man to be “nice-ish” towards her.

When dealing with a BDSM relationship, and as the dominant party, there is no such ambiguity as “care of her-ish”. You must be fully committed to both sides of the dynamic. You have to be tough, hard and strict, but love her and care for her like she’s the very air you breathe. There is no middle ground, no compromises. When you break her and you see her falling apart in front of your eyes you need to drop everything and be the man she needs. Not an “ish” man. Solid, dependable, comforting, loving man that she needs and looks up to right at that moment.

That is why 50 shades is a huge pile of crap. Sure it’s sold millions of copies, so who really will take my opinion on it, no one. And that’s good. But people should also not take E L James’ opinion about how BDSM relationships work. Because it leads many men and women down a dark path that is wrong from start to finish.

So I'm currently reading 50 shades and Mr grey reminds me of you! The sexual tension I get reading it reminds me of the passionate and sensual words you write... I don't know how else to explain it

Please don’t ever compare me to him. I’m nothing like him. I would never degrade or berate my lover. I do not feel it necessary to make my lovers sign contracts of intent. I do not confuse BDSM with abuse. I do not use or manipulate insecure women to my advantage. 50 shades is not a true depiction of the BDSM life at all.

After care, one of the most important parts of a relationship like this, is almost non-existant. I’ve spoken to many women who have been in a rape/abusive relationship and they all agree that his attitudes and lack of care for his lover/pet/sub is very close to what they endured at the hands of men now in prison. Women, more importantly MEN, need to understand that this is NOT how these relationships are run.

The book itself is poorly written, even I can see that, but his attitude towards women is NOTHING like mine.

I know you meant it as a compliment but in truth that is one of the biggest insults I could receive.