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I love women, women are beautiful.
A six word story

Bodmin has some really beautiful women… and more than it’s fair share of big boobies. Just thought you’d like to know.

I’ve done nothing but look at porn and selfies all damn day. And I don’t care one jot!

Oh and you women, you know who you are, yes that’s you, you there, yep, you know. You’re sexy. All of you. Fucking sexy little minxy minxes, keeping me all horned up all day damn you!


Moved in and gotten my interwebs back!

I hope you haven’t missed me.

Oh and by the way if you’ve not noticed I’m horny as all mighty fuck!

I seriously need to fuck someone senseless.

Anyway, I will be posting like a mofo today I expect. Hope you enjoy!

Some people who follow me disgust me!

Guys, grow the fuck up and stop being so damn disrespectful!

I really do love boobs with veins showing, I can’t explain it, they just fascinate me… yum! ^_^

Having serious flashbacks of a girl I used to know in Spain. Damn she was fun, and boy could she turn me on!

Katara was cute, but Korra is downright sexy…

(Plus she reminds me of someone I used to know in Spain)

I must admit that some of you sweet, innocent looking little angels, really bring the dominant male out in me… I would so love to see what you look like with my hand tightly around your throat as I fuck you hard against a wall… just saying.

I’m moving house this coming week, so I won’t be about much and depending on when I get internet back I don’t know when I will be able to post again.

I know that isn’t much of a shock as I’ve not been the most active recently, but still, just wanted to say :)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week and have a superbly wonderful weekend.

Remember, my ask is always open, so please use it, don’t abuse it :P