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Feeling so wiped now lol, I forgot this feeling, it’s kind of nice too, but all I feel like doing is cuddling in the sun and falling asleep! :)

Just need some company! :P

Ok so just got back from the gym…FUCK ME I’M DEAD!

I think I did too much! I had to pick Good Friday to restart too, the place was packed lol!

But, if I want to turn “spa” girl’s head then I’ve got to pull my finger out! :)

What a day! UGH!

Hello all, I will be posting some new fun stuffs tomorrow, just been far too busy and tired this week!

However, if someone wants to pop round and suck my cock for a while then please do! :P


So had to work today to train for new things and I managed to get talking to this girl who works in the spa, just me and her for like 20 minutes, it was AWESOME, because she’s super beautiful and lovely and funny and gorgeous and does her eye make-up with that funky swishy tail thing….gorgeous!

And I didn’t trip over my tongue more than 3 times the whole conversation!

"Simple things please simple minds!" and mine is pretty damn pleased right now! ;)


Some days I simply sit here and think…”I love my blog!”

Just thought you’d like to know that stupid bit of information.

The lady in the Kindle Fire Mayday advert (UK Version - Irish Accent) is absolutely lovely! Just saying!

Good Morning to one and all!

I want to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful weekend!

Have fun and if you want to chat you know my ask is always open! :)

I just want a girlfriend to do all these cute things, like watching TV with her feet on my lap. Learning to pre-empt each others movements around the kitchen while we cook together, making each meal a ballet. Having our own private jokes about things that no one else knows. Walking through town, arm in arm, talking, oblivious to everything and everyone around us. Just lying there, watching her sleep, and stroking her hair out of her eyes as she rolls around. Just being there for her, being the man I was always meant to be. Together, not alone.

Seriously, laundry girl has the cutest butt, I wanna grab it!

Sorry i’ve not been posting. I’ve not been feeling much like posting this week although i’ve still felt as horny as hell! Why is that always the way? lol

Anyway, I hope you’re all having a fantastic week and continue to do so!

I will get back to it asap! Maybe i’ll get a chance to see the cute girl in the office tomorrow and that will perk me up! :) hehe