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I fucking hate guys who think they have a god given right to a woman or her body.

Just saying…

I watched a film last night and I’m still stunned by it. I truly am shocked by how well it was made, and more importantly, how well it was acted/directed.

I often lose myself in a films plot lines, but that one I didn’t expect to have such a clout of emotion.

(I’m avoiding the name because it would give away too much to those who haven’t seen it. I hate spoilers! hehe)

The ladies I see around the world on Tumblr are by far the most beautiful. I am constantly stunned by how gorgeous you all are. All shapes and sizes, you’re just beautiful.

Have a lovely Saturday.


I currently have Leanna Decker on my desktop wearing a black leotard with a see-through wedge down the front, you know the one.

It leaves me with two distinct thoughts. The first is, I’d love to squeeze her boobs, the second is the memory of a gorgeous young Swedish lady who sent me a photo a long time ago of her wearing the same outfit. And I find it hard to concentrate.

Just the right type of thoughts to keep me warm on a horrible wet and thrundery day! :(

I really do wish people would spell love as love not luv and you’re as you’re and not your or ur !

It’s seriously fucking annoying that I live so far away from all my gorgeous Tumblrettes… just saying!

I seriously can’t work out where I stand with Laundry Girl.

I had a conversation with her and her boss (the wife) about this guy who is “slimy” he’s been trying it on with the bosses daughter for ages, and the other girl who works at the laundry and who has now started to chat up my Laundry Girl…

They were laughing and joking about how he is “slimy”, how he lives with his mother, never seems have had a girlfriend, how he’s 32… they basically described a 4 year younger me…

So now I don’t know if it’s because he’s “slimy” or because of all those other things. It doesn’t look good! :S

(On the bright side her butt looked so damn cute in her jeans!)

Ok, so my mate Stu, who’s like awesome and one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met emailed me today and told me about another post that might be opening up in the Spanish office of my company!

So even though I still might have a chance with my current department, I have a double chance of moving now!

Made my day! :)

This is to all followers new or old.

Many of you will know that I have in the past mentioned about ages on this blog. I know there are underage people on this blog, I would rather you be here than on some of the shadier blogs out there. That might sound arrogant or boastful, but I know my intentions are pure and with that the message you should (hopefully) learn from me and my posts is in that vein.

Although I will turn a blind eye to underage people being on my blog, in the main, I will ask for restraint.

If you are 15 or younger please DON’T message me asking me to talk sexually to you, or telling me what you want me to do to you. It’s sick, illegal and not at all what I want to hear.

(The reason I say 15 and not 17 is because, although 18 is the legal age to view porn, the legal age for sex is 16 in most countries. There are some of you who want advice and I don’t want to dissuade or frighten you from contacting me to ask questions.)

Thank you!